Philippines, Asia

PHI10a - Food cart for income generation

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Vicente Enriques - ECPM



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Completed - No Funding Required

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Micro-enterprise / Micro-loans

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$0 - $2,999

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US$ 0

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Population: 93.6 million

Life Expectancy: 71.6 years

GDP: US$1845 per capita

Unemployed: 7.2%

45.0% earn less than US$2/day

Partnership Overview

income generatorVicente Enrique has been supported by BHW for a number of years. He is a key person in the ECPM training programme. Vic wants to be self-supporting and this is an attempt to help his family achieve that.  

We first met Vic in 2010. The Field Director was visiting one of the church plant locations with the ECPM team and Vic was part of it. He was just in the process of joining the team and as we worked together it was obvious that he had something special. He was very serious about training the local guys and related well to them. On the other hand he was full of fun and laughter was never far from his lips.

His role with ECPM is to travel to the various locations where there are teams in training and train and mentor them. 

For his role to be self-sustaining we had to come up with a plan to assist him to support himself. It's no fun relying on others to make it possible to feed, educate and house your family. This project will provide Vic with the funds to build a food cart from which they will sell “lugaw” (porridge) which is a favourite among Filipinos.

History of Partnership

food cartBright Hope World's partnership with ECPM goes back to the days of Len and Mary Savill being missionaries in the Philippines. They introduced us to ECPM, a church planting movement and BHW has been supporting various projects associated with ECPM since 2001.


The beneficiaries of this partnership will be Vic and his family.

What We Like About The Partnership

We like what Vic does. We think the strategy is very effective.

We like who Vic is. He has given up a good job to be involved in this work.

We also like it that Vic and his wife are trying very hard to look after themselves. They already prepare and sell meals from their home and this partnership is an extension to something they know already works.

Relationship To Other Partnerships

This is related to all the ECPM partnerships indirectly but is an extension of PHI10.


Vic and his wifeKey People

Leadership Profile

Vic was saved in Saudi Arabia in 2000 while working there as an OFW. After being away in Saudi Arabia for two years he came back to the Taytay area where he found a local church and some time later got involved with the guys at ECPM. Vic is married and has 5 children. 

Currently his wife helps support the family by cooking various food dishes and delivering them to a small group of sewers. Their eldest son is involved with the music ministry in their church and sometimes also helps with translation work.  Their second child is graduating high school in March 2013 and will go to college after that.  The other three are in good health, one is second year high school and the others in Grade 3 and Grade 2.  


Vision And Annual Strategy

The vison is to make Vic and his family self-sustaining economically as much as is possible.


Annual Budget

There is no ongoing budget. This is a one off amount to get them established.