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PAK02 - EGM Computer Training Centre

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Completed - Self-sustaining

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Training / Education, Community / Agriculture Development

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$0 - $2,999

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US$ 0

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PAK04 , PAK10


Population: 184.8 million

Life Expectancy: 66.0 years

GDP: US$1022 per capita

Unemployed: 15.0%

60.3% earn less than US$2/day

Partnership Overview

Lahore is a huge city, there are many young people growing up there. Jobs are scarce. Many of the young people are Christians and this makes it even more difficult to find employment. First they find it difficult to get good education, then, because they are Christians it is more difficult to get a job. They have to be outstanding to gain employment.

History Of Partnership

In 2007 BHW was contacted by a group of people in Lahore. They have commenced a programme of church growth and development. EGM (Evangelistic Gospel Ministries) have a great understanding of holistic ministry and seek to tell people about the Christian message and at the same time to help the poor and vulnerable.

New computer centreAfter a period of months and a great deal of dialogue and questioning, it was decided to visit Lahore and see what was going on there. In October 2008, the Bright Hope World Field Director visited for two days and discovered that these people had a clear vision and a great plan for development.

They had already commenced a number of sewing centres to assist women to train and to learn skills that would give them opportunities for employment. Their proposal was to commence more sewing programmes and a computer training centre. Both are legitimate opportunities. A decision was made to commence the computer centre as a first point of engagement.


The beneficiaries are the young people who will train to use computers. This is primarily targeted at young men, but not entirely. At first the Christian people will be given priority but it will be open to all people, regardless of religion or gender.  Some of these young people are well educated and speak good English but are very frustrated.

What We Like About The Partnership

There is a clear commitment by the leaders to invest in the young people. They have developed a good strategy and have the people in place to lead this new project.

They have shown their commitment by funding the existing sewing projects from their own resources.

There are many young people involved in this church planting movement. Many of them are the ones who will initially benefit from the training and the access to the internet.

It's important to realise that there are many Christian people living in Pakistan and they are a frustrated underprivileged minority. They want this sort of training to better themselves, but they also see it as an opportunity to break down the barriers that exist in their communities between Christians and Muslims.


Rev Manzoor and EdwardKey People

Leadership Profile

EGM was started by Rev Manzoor Jalal (JM) as a response to the poverty of Christians and the lack of education among church members. Because of this they often only ever get menial jobs and so they cannot afford education for their children. Many return to Islam because it appears to offer economic hope.

JM was brought up a Catholic but in 1993 left and joined a charismatic Presbyterian church. There he became a Christian and he went on to study a BTh for 4 years at a Korean College in Pakistan. While there he discovered the house church concept and this has become part of the ethos of PEGM as well. Along with this and over time the need for vocational training has become part of their basic strategy for equipping their people.

A number of ministries have already been established including sewing classes and education in churches. He has a holistic vision and a group of good pastors. His family is also involved, especially his eldest son Edward Qasar.

JM works as an electrical engineer at a large clothing factory. The owner, though a Muslim, respects him and he gets opportunities and time off when required to do his ministry. Many people from his employment have become Christians, been healed, released from demonic oppression or been able to get pregnant because of his prayers. He has a lovely family, Azira his wife is the organiser of the home. They have been married 28 years.

Other People Involved

Pastor DanielEdward Qasar – is 26 years old and is the son of JM. He is a secondary school teacher in maths and science. He teaches part time and does ministry with the other members of the team. He has a lot of potential. The father is dependent on him for English and communication. They all understand some English but struggle to communicate. He has studied and completed at least 12 Emmaus courses in Urdu and has a Diploma of Theology from the Evangelical College of Western Australia.

Daniel Barkat is an older man whose wife was killed seven years ago in a motor accident. He has been a Board member since 2002 and moves around the churches doing ministry. He has a healing gift and does a lot of preaching. He witnesses and speaks to anyone, Muslims and Christians. Prayer is a large part of his ministry and there is a lot of demonic activity confronted. He is willing to go wherever he is invited. He spends every minute of every day amongst people doing evangelism.

He has two sons and two daughters - one is a nurse and another is doing an MBA.

Shocket Lai

Shockat Lal is an elder in the church at Bushra. He has been there for 26 years and is a general councillor with the city. He is an elected member and has been involved in politics for 10 years. He drives a rickshaw to earn a living.

Everyone said it was important to have people like him in politics to present the Christian perspective as they have little voice in the community. He works in the Muslim League Party and faces a lot of opposition. There are quite a number of Christians involved in politics. There is a National Assembly Politician who is a Christian. “Why shouldn’t Christians be involved, we are Pakistanis!” says Shockat Lal.



Vision And Annual Strategy

The vision is clear and well established.  At regular meetings of the key people, strategies are discussed and decisions are made concerning the most appropriate ways to achieve their vision.

The strategy is to establish sewing centres as an entry point into a community. This gives them an opportunity to talk to people and share the Christian message as well as help the most vulnerable in the community. Sewing is the best option for women; the computer training assists young men.

In regards to the computer centre the idea is to develop a centre near to JM's house for security. 15 computers will be put in and an internet cafe will be established. This is to earn money to support the training and teaching. Typing and printing will be done at commercial rates as well to generate income. The computers will be used to train people in the use of software so they are able to obtain good or better employment.  They plan to run two classes a day in the morning and evening and anticipate more than 120 students will attend classes to obtain either a three month diploma, six month diploma or one and two year certificates of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Lahore.


Annual Budget

There was an initial set up cost of US$4,950. After this there will be no further funds required but other centres will be developed after this pilot is established. Other sewing centres will also be established.