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IND13 - DBI - Sewing Centres - Funding of Teachers

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Isaac & Gloria Shaw - DBI



Funding Status:

Fully Funded

Partnership Type:

Training / Education, Community / Agriculture Development

Funding Size:

$8,000 - $14,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 9,240

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Population: 1.2 billion

Life Expectancy: 63.4 years

GDP: US$1017 per capita

Unemployed: 10%

37% earn less than US$2/day

Current Partnership Impact

7 families are being assisted

7 people employed in partner businesses

Partnership Overview

Economically self-sufficientDBI provide training for many poor women in north India in sewing and tailoring, so that they can become economically self-sufficient, and can bring hope to their families and communities.


History Of Partnership

For a number of years Bright Hope World has been involved with helping various aspects of the work of the Delhi Bible Institute (IND07). It is very obvious that there are huge needs in the communities in which DBI works.

Following a visit by Bright Hope World in 2007, the team at DBI researched methods of empowering rural people to build their capacity to support themselves and their families as part of developing holistic programmes in the community. It became apparent that one of the best means is to empower women and one way to achieve this is to train women to sew.

income generatorIn 2008 it was decided to establish two pilot programmes to become the model for more of these in the future.



The beneficiaries of this partnership are primarily the women who are part of each community where DBI works. They are mostly from Hindu backgrounds and very poor. They benefit by acquiring sewing skills and being able to learn other life skills to improve the quality of life of their families. 

What We Like About The Partnership

There are a number of things Bright Hope World particularly appreciates  about this partnership:

income generator- This is a partnership with people we already know, being an extension of an existing partnership.
- It is addressing real needs.
- There is a good framework and skilled people to lead and train the participants.
- There is a passionate key person who helps to make it work.


Key People 

Leadership Profile

The project is directly overseen by Gloria Shaw, wife of Isaac Shaw, director of DBI.  Gloria was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She was educated in Egypt, Ireland, Lebanon and Israel. She graduated from Appalachian State University in North Carolina where she was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Gloria and  Isaac have four children, twin daughters, Gloria Raquel and Myriam Elizabeth (born 1994), Sarah (born 1997) and Isaac (born 2000). 


Other People Involved

The secondary leadership function is undertaken by the wives of the Directors in the Strategic Resource Centres.


Peasant lifeVision And Annual Strategy

The vision of the original pilot project was to establish sewing centres where DBI has its Strategic Resource Centres, so that women could learn sewing skills to generate income for their families. The pilot was a great success and the sewing programmes have now continued to grow as a key aspect of DBI's development work in the various communities where they work. 

There are currently around 20 sewing classes and usually 10-12 students in each class. The training takes six months. Each of the classes are run slightly differently. Some require a small payment which helps to make sure that they are committed to the course. The women used to be given a free sewing machine at the conclusion of the course but Gloria has now found that many women have access to a sewing machine and so free sewing machines are no longer required. 

DBI also runs a one week training conference in Lucknow, Dehradun and Chanduli. The women will come to this training conference, and are provided with further sewing training.


Annual Budget

The annual budget that we provide to DBI is US$9,240 and this funds seven of their teachers. There are now 28 sewing classes as of March 2015. Additional funds are also provided as they become available.