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Partnership Report

Syria, Middle East

SYR01 - Firm Foundation

Report Date: September 14, 2023

Update from Firm Foundation

Greetings and love.

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impacting livesAfter experiencing remarkable success in providing a nurturing educational environment to 61 students who faced the harsh realities of losing their homes, parents, and regular school attendance for an entire academic year, the "Firm Foundation" project stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. Over the course of this year, our initiative has offered these resilient young individuals comprehensive support that extends across various dimensions of their lives: emotional, social, academic, spiritual, and even financial. Our dedicated team of teachers and staff has not only imparted knowledge but also enveloped these students in a blanket of care, empathy, and affection.

top priorityBecause their schools will restart again in January 2024, we are gearing up to transition these students back into their respective schools. For those whose schools have yet to reopen, we are committed to helping them find suitable educational institutions where they can continue their learning journeys. However, as we embark on this crucial phase, we recognize that the emotional needs of these students remain a top priority. The shadows of trauma still loom over their lives, and there is much healing and support that they require to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.


Plans for the Future

tough lifeAs we forge ahead, acutely aware of the persistent emotional and spiritual needs of these resilient students, Together for the Family is embarking on an ambitious new initiative: the implementation of a comprehensive follow-up program. This program is designed to offer these students the vital emotional support they require as they continue on their journey towards healing and resilience.

Our follow-up program will be a dedicated full-day session held once a week, serving as a sanctuary for these young individuals to engage in various trauma healing activities. These activities will span across five critical dimensions, each carefully crafted to address their emotional well-being:

therapeuticArtistic Expression: Through activities such as drawing, painting, and crafting, students will have the opportunity to channel their emotions and thoughts into creative outlets. Art therapy can provide a safe space for them to express themselves and process their feelings.

Harmonious Melodies: Music therapy will play a significant role in our program. Students can explore the healing power of music, not only by listening but also by actively participating. Singing, playing instruments, and even composing their own music can be transformative experiences.

impacting livesMovement and Dance: Dancing offers a unique way for students to release pent-up emotions, enhance their physical well-being, and connect with others. Dance therapy sessions will encourage them to express themselves through movement, promoting a sense of freedom and release.

Team Sports: Engaging in team sports such as football and basketball can foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging. These activities provide not only physical benefits but also teach valuable life skills like teamwork and discipline.

Playful Diversions: We understand that healing doesn't always come from structured activities. Thus, we'll offer a variety of games and leisure activities to suit individual preferences and provide moments of light-heartedness and joy.

Moreover, our program will be facilitated by trained professionals with experience in trauma-informed care, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all participants. Together for the Family is committed to helping these students overcome the lingering effects of their past traumas and provide them with the tools to thrive emotionally and spiritually in the future.


The annual budget to run this program for 61 children is US$25,200. This covers the salaries for four teachers ($300 per teacher/month), transportation, and tools and resources. 


Much love 

Izdihar Isaac Kassis
Together For The Family Director 




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