"We're a Church Interested in Effective Missions"

Bright Hope World is a Christian organisation that is deeply connected to the local church In New Zealand and internationally.

Likewise, almost all of our partners are working in a local church context and with local church support. We consider this to be extremely important, as the local church provides a permanence and stable local context to their work, as well as ensuring accountability and rigorous spiritual input.

About one third of Bright Hope World's funding comes from the local church, and we are well organised to provide the kind of updates and information flow that churches require in order to successfully engage their people in missions, and communicate a sense of connection with the work God is doing around the world.

We've organised some of our key information - both about us and our partnerships - so that it is most relevant for you based on what you're looking for.

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The most important thing to know about Bright Hope World is that our partners are exceptional.

We find extraordinary leaders in struggling communities around the world and we get to know them over a period of years before they become our partners. These are not people with big ideas they will hopefully get to 'someday'; these are people who are already working effectively in their communities. Our role is to help resource and develop - and hence grow - what they're already doing.

Our belief is that - in most places - indigenous mission is the most effective approach to mission. Local people tend to know the local language, culture and issues in ways that a missionary may struggle to come to terms with. Local people also tend to be able to live in a more cost-effective way than ex-pat missionaries. This is certainly not an absolute - and there are many places where missionaries are still vital - but Bright Hope World's focus is on indigenous mission.

Bright Hope World currently has 232 partners in 33 countries.

They work in a variety of settings (rural and urban) and in a wide range of ways. We are particularly interested in 'grass roots' ministry such as microloans and microenterprise as well as more effective farming methods. These simple interventions can help communities thrive with very little external financial input.

We also look for opportunities to help our partnerships become self-sustaining through income generation. If we can help a partnership start a business, grow crops, raise animals or otherwise generate funds, their dependency on outside donations is reduced, and their dignity is enhanced. This is not always possible, but we pursue it where it will work well.

Bright Hope World is committed to managing investments into poverty alleviation wisely. We are extremely careful in our due diligence and maintain close relationships with our partners. We never take more than 10% of donations for administration, and often take nothing.


Thank you so much for considering donating to Bright Hope World!

A church giving to Bright Hope World brings us into partnership with one another. Our role is to manage the relationship with the field partner and ensure that your funds are used wisely, and the work being undertaken continues to be effective.

For that reason, we do emphasise that Bright Hope World is your church's partner, not the partner in the field. We sit between the donor church and the partner in the field to ensure that the relationships stay positive and appropriate, and we are able to effectively oversee the partnership. This may seem a little restrictive, but please rest assured that this is for everyone's benefit and safety. We are very happy to explain this further, on the right is a link to a section of our website which outlines this in more detail.

Our commitment to all our donors is that we use funds effectively. One of our core values is being a 'low overhead organisation'. This means we do not spend a lot of money on marketing or expensive offices, but instead ensure funds get where they are needed. None of our team are paid by Bright Hope World, and almost all pay their own travel expenses when visiting partners.

This means we never take more than 10% of donations for administration. If you give to our General Fund we take no administration at all.

While we are happy - and indeed very grateful - to receive one-off gifts, our emphasis as an organisation is on ongoing relationship. We are committed to our partners over the long term and it helps us greatly when we have donors that are prepared to go on this long-term journey with us. As we are in the business of stimulating community development, we are used to seeing change happen over years and decades.

When you give, we will do our very best to keep you updated as to how partnerships are progressing, and what is happening on the ground. If you require more information, please contact us.

Above all, know that your donation makes a difference, because our partners are - in our view - the best of the best. They are working in partnership with God to change the world, and your funds ensure that this continues to happen.


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