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There are many young people in developing countries with great potential and secondary school education who cannot go on to further training. Because of this, their potential will never be realised and their chance to move out of poverty and become productive citizens and even leaders is gone.

For those that have already completed secondary school successfully, further training may be required in order to gain the skills necessary to thrive in the local economy. For many, this is simply beyond their means, resulting in smart and driven young people winding up in low paid, menial jobs.

Karen girl at school

The Bright Hope World Global Education Fund has been established to provide funds to support education or further training in several different ways:

  • Further training for those that have successfully completed secondary school.
    This may involve skills or trade training targeted to available jobs in the local community and may encompass anything from short courses to full degrees. Our focus here is young people we already know through existing partnerships and who have demonstrated character and potential. Our expectation with those that receive support under this category is that they would contribute substantially to their communities during and following their education.

  • Special education for children with disabilities.
    Education for children with disabilities in developing countries is frequently inadequate to cater to their special needs. As part of the Global Education Fund we provide resources to support children with disabilities to access appropriate education.

  • Retraining for existing partners or emerging leaders.

  • Education for children of key partners who have low income due to ministry focus.

We are currently seeking USD100,000 to enable us to meet strategic education needs. If you would like to make a donation, please click the link to the right, or email us at

The Fund

As Bright Hope World field staff visit our partners it’s very obvious that there are many more needs than we are able to meet. One of the more frequent observations is that there are many young people either volunteering in a partnership or somehow connected to a partnership who have the potential and need for further education.

Many of them have survived terrible family backgrounds and significant trauma and loss. They have come through an education system that has often not taught them well, but they have successfully graduated from secondary school. They have passed the exam to proceed to higher education but there is no way they are able to do that without some assistance.

Bright Hope World has been working with a number of our partners for up to 15 years. Some of these have educated and developed many young people as education is a major component of a number of our partnerships. Many young people now require more intensive, higher levels of training and study in order to reach their potential.

In addition, a number of our key people are growing older and for the partnership to continue to grow and develop, it requires new young leaders with more specific skills and training. We want to invest in some of these young people. Some of the existing leaders would also benefit from up-skilling.

We also have a number of partners who, because of their decision to commit themselves to ministry, find it very difficult to send their own children to school. This fund would be available to their children as well, as long as they qualify academically. As part of the same issue, many of our partners have adopted or taken into their homes local children who have been abandoned or orphaned or have been given by other relatives to bring up from extended families. Obviously, this places huge burdens on them. One key couple we partner with have five of their own children, three other adopted kids and have in the last two years taken responsibility for 24 of their dead sibling’s children.

The beneficiaries of the new Bright Hope World Global Education Fund will be graduates from secondary schools in the developing countries in which we work. It is envisaged that the majority of the applications would come from Africa, but they could come from any country in which our current partnerships operate. Recipients will most likely be children who have been sponsored through primary and secondary school education in a Bright Hope World education programme. Some will be special cases who are younger or who have special needs. Some will be the children of our long term partners. Some will be emerging and existing leaders of partnerships who require further development or training.

Our field directors in each country will be looking to identify suitable and needy candidates. Our local partner will work with candidates to help them identify the most suitable education pathway, with a focus on genuine local job opportunities. A formal application will be prepared and submitted to our International Field Director and a final decision made at this stage.

It is likely that many recipients will subsequently progress to initating small business with assistance from our Global Microfinance Fund.

We are currently seeking USD100,000 to enable us to meet strategic education needs. If you would like to make a donation, please click the link to the right, or email us at


Bright Hope World has supported many young people into education in developing countries throughout the world. With the help of the new Bright Hope World Global Education Fund, our aim is to provide scholarships to young people who have shown promise in secondary education, key leaders and people with special needs. To see all of Bright Hope World's education and training partnerships, click here.

Allan Tayebwa, Uganda

IsaacIn his own words - "My name is Allan Tayebwa from Uganda. I’m 26 years old. I have four sisters and four brothers - altogether nine at home. Since the time I was born I found my parents and other siblings struggling in everything. We had no food, no clothes, and no basic needs, generally. Both of my parents became orphans at a very early age, for instance, at the age of five years, my dad’s parents were already dead. My mother does not even know her parents. This made my father and mother start from nothing when making a family. The priests at a parish level here in Uganda were paid almost nothing. My father tells us that they were always given some money after church holidays like Easter and Christmas, and yet, were given not more than $4 dollars."

"I remember one day my sister Allen was down with malaria and we could see her breathe her last because my parents could not manage to take her to the hospital. Thank God, He later restored her health. My brother, Michael, repeated grade 7 four times, for there was no money to send him to high school. That happened to each one of us. Although we would be top of the class - even at district level, we would not proceed to higher levels. Little wonder, I turned 27 on the 30th of March this year, but have just joined my second year at University, of which I’m not sure I'll be able to finish due to financial constraints. Though we have toiled all this much, this has not let my dream die."

"After my high school, I, by faith, found a vacancy at Kabale University. I had no support from home, or anyone else, but God has miraculously seen me through first year. My prayer, my aim, is higher ground. I have big plans which I pray I should work upon before meeting my Lord and my Savior. I pray every day that the Lord may make me finish my course at the University. I study for a Bachelors Degree in Development Studies. I hope to serve Christ in the Christian Union to my best by his Grace. I have one year finished out of the three years so I am left with two years (four semesters). The tuition for every semester is $350 USD. I also find it difficult to get food and I walk a long distance to and from campus. I have really struggled, though I will not surrender."

"I founded ASUNEF - Uganda (The Association of United Efforts) for the less privileged, the orphans and the abandoned children. We have fifty kids and youth we have mentored and through vocational crafts, raised money for their school fees. We teach them the word of God, and give them a whole set of hope to manage their futures. My prayer is to see more kids join ASUNEF - Uganda and learn to stand on their own. The name sounds big, but The Association of United Efforts is a small foundation in the village Mahwa. It was founded back in 2005 when I and my other two friends realized we were the most backward village in education, health, water, good nutrition, to mention but a few. This was due to the HIV scandal that swept our area. We could not keep quiet and we moved around the village sensitizing people that we ought to get together to change things. There were early marriages, substance abuse and high illiteracy levels."

"I want to thank you for sparing your time to read about me. I hope this gives you a clear idea of where I stand with the hopes and dreams for myself and the youth of my village."

The amount required for Allan's university fees and living expenses is US$1,595. This includes a living allowance of US$50/month and US$100 to buy a bike as he currently has to walk a long distance.

Isaac Wesonga, Uganda

IsaacTwenty year old Isaac’s love and enthusiasm for health work is obvious when he speaks about being in his second semester of training towards being a health care assistant in Kampala. His subjects include pharmacology, medicine, first aid, nursing, midwifery, anatomy, primary health care, paediatric care, gynaecology, dental, surgery and counselling.

He has received support from Bright Hope World for his last two years at secondary school and will access this again for the 18 month tertiary training he is pursuing. He also has the costs of boarding in a hostel and basic needs. His parents have provided some support, but financially this is very difficult for them.

Isaac plans to come back to this area to work, but there is much competition and few job opportunities. After getting a year of work experience and when he can save enough he would like to return and complete further training. Initially this would be to diploma level and then to degree level to become a comprehensive nurse.

Isaac's pastor and church leaders have encouraged him and helped him in his journey towards gaining a profession. He is very grateful and happy to have the chance to learn and work in a field that he enjoys so much.

We are currently seeking USD100,000 to enable us to meet strategic education needs. If you would like to make a donation, please click the link to the right, or email us at

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