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Every year we see a number of major natural (and sadly, man-made) humanitarian disasters throughout the world. Wherever these occur, lives are torn apart and people suffer, but when these disasters occur in the developing world there is often a gross shortage of resources and the response may be insufficient to prevent even further suffering and hardship.

Bright Hope World has partners in some of the poorest countries in the world. These are countries where a natural disaster can devastate hundreds of thousands of lives and where help may never arrive for many people. Even when help is available, it may be denied to some based on ethnicity or religion.

The Bright Hope World Global Disaster Fund has been established to enable us to be prepared to help when disaster strikes.

Pakistan Floods

Often when a disaster such as fire, flooding or a cyclone hits we need to act quickly to mitigate harm. People need repairs to their homes, food, water, medical care or clothing. While we have generous supporters who respond to such needs, this takes time, and time exacerbates the suffering of those we are endeavouring to help. The Bright Hope World Global Disaster Fund is a 'fast-response' fund that allows us to move quickly when disaster strikes. When we become aware of an urgent need, the fund will allow us to respond immediately to pressing humanitarian needs.

While we do want to move as fast as possible, we will only ever act within the context of partnership. This means that we focus relief efforts in areas where we have existing strong partners that can guide relief activities. We do not simply send aid, but rather work with existing partners to determine what is required to meet needs. We then work through these partners to ensure needs are met and funds are handled with integrity and with a focus on the most urgent and significant needs of those affected on the ground.

We are currently seeking USD200,000 to enable us to create a fast-response disaster relief fund. If you would like to make a donation, please click the link to the right, or email us at


Over the past few years we have received a number of requests for urgent assistance from some of our key partners in the developing world, such as:

Myanmar - Cyclone Nargis, 2008

In 2008 we received advice from one of our partners in Myanmar that, following the devastation of Cylone Nargis, 100,000 people had been made homeless and 18,000 had been killed. There was an urgent need for food items such as rice and potatoes. Foreign aid began pouring into Myanmar, but our partner there advised us that very little was reaching the poor, rural areas away from the main centres where foreigners were prohibited from visiting.

With funds raised from our donors, Bright Hope World was able to fund our partner in Myanmar to purchase beans, cooking oil, salt, mosquito nets, and rice to distribute to those most affected by the cyclone.

Pakistan - Flooding, 2010

In 2010 monsoons flooded much of northern Pakistan making millions of families homeless. One of our partners sent us an urgent request for help saying “We need your prayers and support. Our pastors and their church people need help. They are living under the sun, they have no food and clothes. Their children are dying with malaria, they need medicines and proper food and water. The magnitude of the displacement is so large we are now hearing figures of over 12 million people having been affected. So it's a very, very difficult task. We are setting up relief camps close to the hardest hit flood areas. Donations will pay for medicines, vaccinations, emergency equipment, fuel, food, water and will allow us to create a supply line from the larger cities to deliver these supplies through the difficult terrain into Pakistan's flood-affected areas. May God give us the strength in overcoming this severe trouble and disaster!"

Through two of our partners in Pakistan, who were able to assess needs firsthand, we were able to deliver food, milk, water, clothes and soap to families in the worst hit areas of Pakistan. Once immediate needs were met, our partners began distributing tents, blankets and further clothing to protect against the winter cold. The focus then moved to rebuilding homes for those who had lost their homes in the floods. A year after the floods, our partners were still working with flood victims to provide assistance and help them return to some semblance of a normal life.

We are currently seeking USD200,000 to enable us to create a fast-response disaster relief fund. If you would like to make a donation, please click the link to the right, or email us at

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