Bright Hope World Summit 2016

The theme for the 2016 summit was 'Sustainable'.

All the session videos and PowerPoints are available by following the links below:

Session Video Link PowerPoint Title Presenter
1 Link Why we Pursue Sustainability Fraser Scott
2 Link Sustainability in the Field - Strategies Emma Stokes
2.1 Link Foundations for Farming John Vlaming
2.2 Link Vocational Training Tim Wells
2.3 Link Microloans & Income Generation Matt & Judy O'Byrne
3 Link Sustainability in the Field - People Kevin Honore
3.1 Link Key People - Chaba & Chipata Jerry Field
3.2 Link Key People - Mike Mann, ITDP Mark Stokes
3.2a La Mai Coffee Deb Riach
3.3 Link Key People - Niranjan Adhikary & T Raja Kevin Honore
4 Link Sustainability in Our Team Fraser Scott
4.1 Link Being Bivocational Jerry and Hayley Field
5.1 Link Challenges to Sustainability - Here Rob Purdue
5.2 Link Challenges to Sustainability - In the Field Kevin Honore
5.3 Link Challenges to Sustainability - In Mozambique Graeme Fawcett

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BHW Summit 2016

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