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South Sudan

View map Population: 38.6 million

Life Expectancy: 58.6 years

GDP: US$810 per capita

Unemployed: 18.7%

unknown% earn less than US$2 per day

Current Partnership Impact

13 families are being assisted

13 people are in vocational or agricultural training

8 refugees and internally displaced people are being assisted

South Sudan, Africa

SUD04 - Vocational training

Partnership Ref.:



Thomas & Joyce Lubari



Funding Status:

No Current Donor

Partnership Type:

Training / Education

Funding Size:

$3,000 - $7,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 6,215

Potential Budget:

US$ 15,000

Connected To:


Partnership Overview

little developmentThere is a serious lack of training going on in South Sudan and there is little development. One way to help people and the country develop is to bring them to Uganda for vocational training. This is the heart of this partnership.

Joyce and Thomas Lubari have a real desire to train young people so they are able to become self-sustaining. They live in Uganda and in 2013 BHW commenced a partnership with them based around vocational training (UGA04c). Those selected are eligible for a maximum of a two year course, but most are shorter than that.

However, Joyce and Thomas are originally from South Sudan and they would like to include some people from there as well. There are two major reasons for this;
1) There are few training opportunities and institutions in South Sudan and it is still very unstable and
2) Unless people are trained they will have little chance of developing the country. 

They approached BHW to see if South Sudanese could be included in their current vocational training programme. The problem with that is that it costs a lot more to train someone in another country. They have to find accommodation and food, they require visas and transport funds. It has therefore been made a separate partnership so it can be promoted separately.  

History of Partnership

little developmentBHW has been partnering with Thomas and Joyce Lubari since 2007. In that time they have become involved in micro-loan programmes in Uganda and South Sudan, church planting, Foundations for Farming programmes and vocational training.  


The beneficiaries will be those selected for the training, their families and their communities.  

What We Like About The Partnership

This partnership meets a real need in South Sudan. The country is very unstable and this is a realistic solution to training. It is a strategic way to assist with a much lower risk than doing something in South Sudan. 

Thomas and Joyce are really committed to it and they have the experience from the programne they commenced last year. They have a realistic understanding of the costs for example. 

It has the other aspect of training potential church leaders for South Sudan as well. This will provide a group of people back in South Sudan over time with whom Thomas can work. 

These young people would have little or no hope of doing something like this without some outside help. 


Key People

Great coupleLeadership Profile

Thomas and Joyce Lubari have lived in Uganda for many years. Thomas has a background in agriculture and theology and is currently pastoring the church they planted in Jinja. He also has a Masters in Development and runs a number of programmes around Uganda and South Sudan.

Joyce is trained in accounting and currently works in the administration department of a Bible School. She is the only one earning a salary. They have five children and live in Jinja. 


Vision And Annual Strategy

The vision is to train young people in foundational skills so they can get jobs and contribute to the development of their fledgling country. 

The strategy is to do an initial pilot programme and assess how things go before making further commitments. This will be done in Jinja alongside the existing vocational training programme.

little developmentThe students will be selected and brought to Jinja. Thomas and Joyce will oversee their training and circumstances. They will also be discipled and trained in Christian values. Once they have completed their training they will return to their communities. They will then be able to access loans through the existing loan programme in South Sudan (SUD01).

They will initially commence with three people as a pilot, two will do Laboratory and Clinical Studies (2 years) and one will do building and construction (2 years). 


Personal Story

Last year Thomas was in the village of Peremasuk. It is a very poor village near to Yei. While he was there a woman went into labour. It was a difficult labour and there was no one to help. They carried her the long distance to Yei but she was dead on arrival. Two of the young people in the first course are from that village and they will be trained as health workers. They have been nominated by the community to help set up a medical clinic in the village. 



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